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        Everyone knows that the industry of moving is a labor-oriented work. All the migrant workers who are engaged in this work are from the countryside. They can bear hardships and endure hardships. Whether it's windy, rainy or cold or hot, they have to arrive at the designated place of the major customers on time to move. He is busy with the joy of the urban residents'relocation. He also solves the relocation for more people who want to rest and relax during the rare holidays. After a hard day's work, he received a meager salary. In fact, it's nothing. Now the job is so full of competition, mainly depending on your knowledge and ability. For these migrant workers from rural areas to come back, a certain fixed job has been very satisfied. But in the process of moving, some unexpected situations increase the difficulty and time of moving. Should we charge extra money to customers appropriately in such cases? On this issue, I visited many people and large logistics companies who have been moving for many years. I also consulted relevant management departments. For example, in the following cases, customers should be charged extra fees for moving.


        First, in the actual handling process, the customer underreported or underreported, Wuxi Moving Company's car is really unable to load the case to move the second car, customers should pay for two cars.


        Second, when moving down or up, both sides of the car can not be close together, and the distance beyond the prescribed fee is charged.


        3. Customers temporarily request to move one more place, and it is not in the right way.


        4. Due to customer's reasons, the waiting time of vehicles and employees of Wuxi Moving Company exceeds the prescribed time.


        Problematic customers should negotiate with each other to solve the problem. The premise of the work is to move the customer well. When confronted with some controversial problems, they can not be solved by quarrelling. At the same time, doing things in strict accordance with the regulations is the best way to ensure the interests of customers and the interests of moving. Therefore, in special circumstances, it is appropriate to charge extra fees for moving, but must be within the prescribed scope, absolutely not lion big mouth. 

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